I can’t find a service?

We are working hard to identify as many local health and wellbeing services as possible – but if something is missing or you can’t find a service you need – please get in touch via email at 

If I request a call back or I’m referred through the system – when should I expect to be contacted?

We ask services to contact people within 3 working days, but we hope it will be quicker than that. If we see that you haven’t been contacted within 6 working days we will contact the service on your behalf and chase them up.

Are my details on the system safe? 

We had a lot of help from Information Assurance officers in the NHS, EPUT and Essex County Council to ensure the system is as secure as we can make it. We only ever collect information from you to make a good referral, we only hold your data for a maximum of 90 days, and we use the same level as encryption as on-line banking services. If you want a copy of any information held on the system under your name, please make a 'Subject Access Request' to

Who runs Frontline?

Frontline was designed by Uttlesford Citizens Advice, but it is really a large community project where organisations and services sign up to improve people’s knowledge and access to local services. Frontline in west Essex is funded by Essex County Council and the NHS’s West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group. Uttlesford’s Council for Voluntary Services is helping to run the services.

I want to give some feedback on a local service - how would I do this?

Great! Good and bad feedback is really important to understand and improve local services. It can also be used to help funding arguments and identify gaps in services. We collect feedback in various ways – you can give a service a thumbs up or down through the website or via our mobile app. If you have been referred by an organisation, and agree to give service feedback, we may contact you via email or over the phone.    

Can I contact someone about Frontline? 

Please send all questions, complaints or comments to or call 01799 618 855. Emails will be responded to within 10 days.

What if I have a family member or know someone who would find Frontline helpful, but they have no access to the internet?

If you know of someone who cannot access the internet and they need help finding a local service - Healthwatch Essex is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 500 1895 (calls to this number are charged at your local rate).

How do I get a new service on the Frontline Library? 

If you run a service in West Essex that you think will be appropriate for Frontline, please click on the sign in/ register button on our homepage. After you register your email, please go to the provider ‘about’ section and read up on the questions and answers section…we think we have covered most things.



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